About Ares.

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We are officially partnered with reKairos to provide fortnite experience on iOS


We strive to provide faster browsing experience on our services so that the users do not end up in a waiting-loop


We do not collect any userdata on our servers. We provide all apps as-is without any modification to them.


Our service is reliable in terms of signing apps and also faster updates. If there is any app that you need and is not already on Ares, please contact us on twitter.

About Us

Ares - the best 3rd party appstore.

We at Ares want to provide easy way to install tweaked apps and jailbreak apps for the community users. Though there are many services out there, Ares makes sure to keep all the apps original (i.e how the app is downloaded from the appstore) and does not inject any binaries into the applications or tamper with them. So the applications are surely going to be safe for installation. Our intention is to seek user satisfaction by providing them with quality service. We are trying to always keep this as a motivation to do better everyday.
We are trying not to run on donations but we definitely appreciate some donations so that we can keep the service alive without having to worry about investing more from our pocket. Please contact us on twitter if you want to donate.