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We provide apps for free of cost to our users!

Fortnite on iOS

We are officially partnered with reKairos to provide fortnite experience on iOS


We provide Jailbreak apps such as unc0ver and Taurine without injecting dylibs in them.


At Ares, you can find emulators such as Delta, iNDS, Provenance and much more!

About Us

Ares - the best 3rd party appstore.

  • Fast
  • Responsive
  • Highly scalable

Our Aim at Ares is to maintain scalability and reduce downtime so that our users have a pleasurable experience. We ensure that our services always provice up-to-date apps and no injections are made in teh jailbreak apps so that it does not tamper with the device security.




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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQ. Please read them.

  • Do you sign all apps at the same time?

    Yes, we sign all apps almost all the time. We usually sign only few apps if the certificate prices are too high for us or if there is high demand for a certificate.

  • To know which app is signed, please go on to our twitter or join our discord!

  • Although we do not ask for money from our users, if you are interested to donate, please contact us on twitter or our Discord and we can talk from there. :)

  • If you are unable to install an app / verify it, please refer to the Fix Apps section.

  • Well honestly sorry for the ads on our webapp. But since we are providing every app for free of cost to our users, we need a source of revenue and ads is how we can make back only a fraction of what we spend.